Unfortunately, depression and anxiety have become a huge part of today’s society and a large portion of the population seems to be “cursed” with these mental illnesses. For some, it is a permanent, lifelong battle that they will have to persevere through. Others however are fortunate enough to learn to cope with their illness. Some very lucky individuals even are able to eventually cure themselves of these problems!

So what causes mental illness?

There are a number of things that can contribute to mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, & bi-polar disorder. Generally speaking, mental illness begins with a chemical imbalance in the brain. This can and is usually caused by genetics, trauma, PTSD, and a variety of other reasons. Because so many people have it and from so many different reasons, it is difficult for doctors to pinpoint the biggest factors which can cause mental illness. nine times out of ten however, whether or not you become depressed or anxious will be out of your control entirely.


What can we do?

On your own, there is very little you can practically do to relieve you. Some have found certain foods & drinks help them feel better. For others, meditation and yoga is the solution. Most people who suffer from mental illness cope with it through harmful medication or choose not to cope with it entirely. There still isn’t a guaranteed solution or miracle fix for mental illness. If something works very effectively, chances are that the side effects are not worth it.


How Life Coaching Vancouver will help you

We never guarantee results because we understand that people are not automobiles and there are never any fixed results – not when it comes to mental health anyway. Our life coaches in Vancouver help relieve you of your anxiety and depression through our savvy techniques and exercises. We’ll let you in on a little hint: almost all personal problems can be solved through understanding what your identity is. Anxiety is entirely curable, but it all starts from within. Those who have ridden themselves of self-doubt and insecurity have done so by overmatching their negative feelings with positive ones (i.e. anxiety with confidence).



There is no way to guarantee results. However, a large majority of our clients who work closely with our Vancouver-based life coaches are able to either easily cope with their mental illness, or overcome them entirely over time. Anxiety and depression are some of the biggest enemies we face as a species, and Life Coaching Vancouver is here to guide you tot tackle these enemies.