Your identity and how you feel about yourself is the most important thing to pay attention to in your life. While many believe that their unhappiness stems from external sources (money, relationships, social life, and general circumstances), the reality of it all is that happiness comes from within. Once you are able be content with yourself and find peace from within, the rest should typically fall into place.


You might be tempted to believe that most people think too much of themselves and that there are more individuals who think too highly of themselves as opposed to the opposite. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the vast majority of people you come in contact with think too little of themselves and cap their own potential, regardless of how they appear to portray themselves. It is well known that the people in the world who show the highest level of satisfaction with their own lives typically are quite confident individuals who are at peace with who they are.


It is important to note though that being happy, confident, and whole internally is not the same thing as being satisfied. For instance, many people desire wealth to create a better life for themselves and for those they love, and that is great. You can be happy with yourself to set the foundation going forward whilst still being unsatisfied in the sense that you have not yet accomplished what it is that you want to accomplish. In order to to achieve these goals you must first “solve yourself” in the sense that you need to be confident and become the best version of yourself. This is also not a one-time thing as bettering yourself can be and usually is a lifelong journey. It is in your best interest to begin this journey as soon as possible and achieve your goals earlier in your life rather than later. At Life Coaching Vancouver,¬†we pride ourselves on being able to change peoples’ lives, and it all starts by getting them right from within.


How Life Coaching Vancouver will help you personally:

  • Increase confidence & improve self-perception
  • Enable you to clearly outline what it is you want out of life
  • Motivate you to do better in all areas
  • Help you Understand why you are in the position you are in
  • Conquer fears & doubts
  • Discover your passions & strengths
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Improve mental clarity & focus
  • Overcome your past


Most of the things you will achieve in your life, you will achieve through the power of self confidence and experience. We often get in our own way more than anyone else – it is often said that you yourself is your biggest enemy and challenge in life. Nobody you know in your day-to-day life will ever be as harsh and rash with you as you are with yourself, and this is the precise reason why so many people fail at whatever it is they do. Life Coaching Vancouver focuses on helping you build self-confidence and become the best from the inside out.