Something that is often overlooked in the field of life coaching is career & financial matters. It is true, money does not buy happiness. However, the food on your table, clothes on your back, and roof over head did not pay for themselves. Money is not everything, but it surely plays a key role in life. Along with the money comes what you are actually doing to earn that money – your career. Some value a career they enjoy over the potential higher wage of a less appealing career. For others, the opposite is true. It will vary from person to person, and what path you choose to go down will depend on what kind of person you are.


The fact of the matter is that for most people, your career will be more important to you than the financial opportunity that might come from a different career. Most people would gladly take a $70,000/year job they love doing over a $90,000/year job that they absolutely hate. Some unfortunate folks are stuck in a situation in which they can neither take satisfaction from their wage nor their actual career. Life Coaching Vancouver can help you with your career and future.


How Life Coaching Vancouver can help:

  • Determine your true career aspirations & dreams
  • Help you move towards a new career
  • Empower you to improve in your current career
  • Give advice on financial matters
  • Help you discover hidden strenghts
  • Tap your inner potential & bring it out of you
  • Improve mental clarity & focus


Despite the common things spoken in the industry, your money and career matter a lot. For the majority of people, it won’t matter quite as much as their relationships and identity, but it almost always cracks the top 3 and certainly the top 5. Money feeds your family, it presents you with the opportunity to impact lives, and it gives you leverage. The vast majority of people on this earth will spend a huge chunk of their lives working, so you can understand why your career matters a substantial amount as well. You need to work in a carer that fulfills you and gives you satisfaction whilst also making enough money to satisfy your needs and desires.